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Chekhov used to say, I have my own theater, and people assumed he was talking about the Moscow Art Theatre, but then Chekhov would tap his forehead and say, . . . in here.

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Previous Screenings:

March 12 at the CMC
March 13 at Tim and Terry's
April 4 at The Atlantic
May 16 at The Shamrock
June 9 at the CMC

There will be a screening at
The Shamrock
July 4, 2005

After sending out the film to several film fests and reviewers, the first review of It's All Good! has been recieved. Check out the review from Lenny Pollack of The Real Deal.

"'It's All Good'" is as confusing as it is intriguing: It's easy to like these guys, who believe their play about post 9–11 America is making a serious statement, even though none of them seem to know just what that statement is. Or what it all really means."
Lenny Pollack
The Real Deal

"Quite frankly, we don't do many — if any — movie reviews here. That may change down the road."
Dave Schlenker
The Gainesville Sun

In a recent look at the Gainesville Sun on June 9th, Nate Hensley wrote, "Usually, this column is all about movies. But, sometime, there is simply nothing new and interesting under the sun." In response to this quote and to Mr. Schlenker's contrasting quote, director Mike McShane sent this letter to Mr. Hensley.

A Letter to Mr. Nate Hensley of Scene Magazine


Shamrock McShane, Jessica Arnold, Gregg Jones, Phil Godwin, Scot Davis, Josh Lederman, Arturo Escamila, Rose Godfrey, Karla Berkelhammer, Bill DeYoung, Tukar Garaji, Teague Johnson, Dirk Drake, Bobby McAfee, Jake Seymour, and Van Choojitarom.

Visit the memorial site for the play